Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Insights on Coaching Your Employees

I hope you have an understanding of the value of coaching your employees. The truth is that a competitive pay and benefits package gets the right employees in your door, hired, and sitting in the chair.  Good training prepares them to react properly to recurring problems.  Neither, however, is effective in motivating employees or developing their individual talents. That's where your coaching skills come in. Coaching is not hard to learn, but it is critical in helping your employees "get to the next level." At many companies, the role of management is seen strictly as administrative and supervisory.  A largely procedural, one-size-fits-all approach is applied in monitoring employees and ensuring quality control.  Because supervision involves only the negative — what employees are NOT doing — it is motivational only to the degree that employees are afraid of losing their jobs. Coaching differs from the evaluative and reactive nature of supervision I just mentioned by focusing on employee guidance and development. Coaching is both proactive and positive, and involves motivators and tailoring incentives toward them...and a few more. You can purchase an awesome one page tip sheet on coaching employees here, along with a few other supervisor training topics.