Thursday, November 12, 2015

Reasonable Suspicion Training | DOT or Non-DOT Supervisor Training in Reasonable Suspicion

Most supervisors have misinformation about alcoholism and drug addiction.  This misinformation gets in the way of effectively responding to troubled employees, who can easily explain away and postpone confrontation as a result of their increasingly, well-practiced defensive mechanisms. Without training and a set of guiding principles for managing troubled employees with alcohol and drug problems, supervisors are unwittingly outmatched.  Information about the disease concept of alcoholism and drug addiction; impact workplace substance abuse; common myths and misconceptions; about tolerance and cross tolerance; understanding loss of control, denial, avoiding armchair diagnosing, stopping enabling.  Also included are pictures of licit and illicit drugs from major categories, signs and symptoms, and principles of constructive confrontation. This program is recommended for Reasonable Suspicion Training of Supervisors.