Thursday, August 13, 2015

Improving Employee Communication: Yes, You May Need to Teach Them How. Don't Blame Employees, It's What We Bargained for With Our Modern Society.

Employees who fail on the job often do so because they cannot communicate well. Is there anything you can do. Many employees fail somewhere along the way...and I do mean being acquire good communication skills. You have choices: 1) Tolerate it. 2) Accept and adapt 3) Help them change and improve communication. And, one more.... 4) fire them. Which one sounds better to you? Especially if you have an otherwise skilled individual with good production value, you should accept your lot in life, and decide to teach them how to better communicate. So, you are right if you chose 3): "help your employee change and improve the communication." This is indeed, the most cost-benefiting business solution -- the proper business resource management model. You see, your employees are, not cogs in a wheel but valuable, necessary, precious tools for productivity. If you have a broken printing press, you'd fix it. You would not buy another printing press for big bucks. The same model applies with employees. The ability to communicate successfully is the most important of all the traits so invest in it--not a lot, but do invest. There is a ton of good stuff out there. Without education and training employees in effective workplace communication, sorry, but failure is more likely. A big part of successful communication is the ability to listen to others and understand their points of view, compromising as necessary to reach goals. So, here is a fantastic video, dvd, or my favorite--web course that will make a huge tent in your employees ability to communicate well. There are lots of options, but the basic powerpoint to help increase effective employee communication is only $297.00