Monday, February 23, 2015

Don't Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve in Front of Employees

You might ask if supervisors always are supposed to be positive, or can they show their true selves—the discouragement and pessimism—if that’s the way they feel as a result of workplace or organizational circumstances. Don't be a supervisor if you wear your heart on your sleeve. Any general article discussing required skills, duties, and responsibilities of the supervisor will likely include praising, inspiring, team-building, and morale-boosting. Nothing should preclude you from being honest about the way you feel, but behaving in a manner inconsistent with these responsibilities undermines a positive work environment and can negatively affect productivity. Your employees deserve a positive leader even in the face of adversity. So as a leader you should not show pessimism and hopelessness. Leaders may not feel positive but they should always behave in ways that best serve their employees. You can see a video on building morale at this page in the website.