Friday, December 27, 2013

Trust Is Like A Lubricant for Supervisor Productivity

They say trust is like a lubricant in a relationship. When it exists, communication increases, ideas flow better, and productivity improves. Supervisor training should include the education and dynamics associated with building trust and how supervisors consciously invest in this art and skill. Trust building begins with you, so start connecting with individual employees one at a time. Share small but not overly intimate details about yourself, and you'll appear more real and approachable. Employees will naturally begin communicating with others in kind, thereby increasing trust between each other. The more you spend time with your employees, the more you'll see this rub off. Offer a positive and optimistic attitude toward your employees' ability to succeed. Find ways to make success happen. Admit mistakes, and employees will appreciate you. It's hard, but it's powerful. Not admitting mistakes throws your relationship into reverse. The payoff for admitting mistakes is appreciation, not less respect. Give credit and praise when you see the opportunity, and make it authentic. Employees want to count for something. Play to that need, and you'll build trust that lasts.