Friday, December 27, 2013

Don't Be Manipulated By Substance Abusing Employees

Supervisor training usually falls short on giving managers and supervisors the right information about addiction minus the myths and misconceptions, which are enormous. For example, never assume an alcohol or drug problem is properly treated simply because the employee reports having quit. There is a difference between self-imposed abstinence and understanding how to manage addictive disease properly using an applied daily program of recovery recommended by addiction specialists. Supervisors can easily be swayed by employees with substance abuse problems for one very good reason. They know more about there drinking or drug problem than you do. And they also, in almost all cases, know what they should be doing to treat it. As a supervisor, don't wander off the supervisor role beaten path. You end up in the briars and burrs. If you stick to attendance, quality of work, availability, attitude, conduct, and communication, then you've got the "six part" formula for documenting performance.