Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Supervisors "Quick Anti-Bullying Pitch"

When it comes to training managers and training supervisors, these folks need a “pitch” they can use when addressing the issue of bullying in the workplace (get a handout). Here’s one to consider: "Hey folks, if you work in an environment where people belittle each other, it’s easy to fall in with the crowd and sink to their level. The “go along syndrome” can happen to any employee--this is the “by-stander” effect. But it’s better to stand out by demonstrating civility. Bullying thrives in workplaces where a few strong, negative personalities dominate. Otherwise reasonable people may keep quiet, adopting a “don’t make waves” mentality. Tolerating—and even quietly encouraging—such behavior may seem like the most painless way to get through your workday. But eventually you’ll be on the receiving end of such ridicule and then it won’t seem quite as harmless. Fight bullying by speaking in positive, non-threatening terms. Avoid profanity at all times. And stick up for co-workers under attack. If all this proves hard, think of the Golden Rule. Treat people the way you’d like to be treated and you will blaze path for others to follow.