Thursday, June 13, 2013

Skill: Actively Listening and the New Supervisor

Goal: Ask open-ended questions of your co-workers. By asking questions, you're saying that you are interested in their answers, not just making a polite but generic comment. Supervisor Exercise: In this exercise, you will practice asking open-ended questions. Casual greetings in the hallway are typical in the workplace. This Friday, when people are leaving work, instead of saying "Have a great weekend", say "Do you have any special plans this weekend?" Try this exercise with two different employees on Friday. Evaluation: When you asked an open question, how did the employees respond? Did they give a one word answer, like “no”, or did they share with you some of their plans for the weekend? Did the employee rush to leave, or did they seem to enjoy talking with you. Did you share your weekend plans with the employee?