Saturday, December 22, 2012

Is Your Boss Is Telling You to Motivate Your Employees More?

If you are getting complaints from the boss about not motivating your staff, don't shout down the hallway that it is not your job. It's a myth that people can't motivate others. You have to do more than explain what you want them to do and what's at stake. It simply will not inspire them. There is more to motivating employees than telling them what to do and why it matters. You also need to arouse their passion about work. That requires an awareness of their “hot buttons”—a keen understanding of what they value most. Examples include recognition, money, flexibility, job security, or freedom and independence. The only way you can identify what drives someone is to listen and learn. Chat with each of your employees to find out about their goals, aspirations, and special skills and talents that they want to apply more fully to their jobs. Be sure to ask what causes them to feel motivated. They will tell you. In the meantime, assume that enjoying personal growth in one’s work, earning sincere praise, and doing meaningful work are three core motivators for just about everyone. This supervisory training course that can be used to train all supervisors can help you I think.