Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anger Management Ideas for Supervisors

So you blow up at your employees a lot, hmm. You're easily irritated, and they are calling you a mountain troll. Need a cure? You're first step is to admit you need help. After that, your next step is to ask if you are alcoholic. Don't look so shocked. Alcoholism is highly augmenting--no, not when you are drinking. I mean when you are in withdrawal. If you meet the criteria for the diagnosis of alcoholism, start there. Get treatment, recover, become sober..and then come back here......So admitting there is a problem means that you half way home. Anger is a powerful emotion that often requires more than a simple decision to manage it.  A programmatic approach is sometimes needed to make a permanent change.  One well-known technique for managing anger requires, first, that you keep a journal and make a notation immediately after an anger incident by recording the first symptom of anger experienced.  Second, write down exactly what triggered the anger.  Third, record how you responded.  Fourth, identify what you did well in the anger management situation, and fifth, make a notation about what you can do differently the next time a similar incident occurs.  Its likely that youll see noticeable changes in the way you manage anger after approximately seven to eight journal entries.  Remember you may have to get counseling for this problem, but don't panic it should only be short term--a few sessions or so. The above plan however will give almost all people some results right away. Subscribe to Supervisor Tips