Friday, October 26, 2012

Use Performance Reviews to Grow Employee Motivation

Performance reviews and performance management systems are powerful productivity processes that can help drive an organization’s achievements through the roof. But when not used to their full potential, performance reviews can instead become a burden to both supervisor and employees. At the very least, use employee reviews as springboards for discussions with your employees about their goals and aspirations. Discover the degree of inspiration your employees possess to do their best work, and learn how to increase it. Chances are that you will discover something you did not know about your employees’ needs that, if met, would better serve the organization’s mission and goals. Also, be sure to let your employees hear from you firsthand the importance of what they are doing and how it fits with the organization’s mission. All employees look and hope for pay increases, but hearing that they personally are valued by you and the organization fulfills a level of need that the paycheck won’t reach. And the research on employee job satisfaction proves it is true. Enjoy the inaugural issue of Supervisor Tips Newsletter by clicking here.