Monday, June 11, 2012

And that's a Direct Order!

The best managers sell their ideas by communicating a clear objective and inviting input, rather than simply handing down orders. So what's the secret? You can have your ideas implemented more successfully, while gaining more support and ownership among those you supervise, if you follow these steps: 1) rather than focusing on control of a project or plan, focus on exciting subordinates with a vision of what you would like to accomplish; 2) get employees involved in the implementation by communicating a clear objective; 3) invite input and provide a forum or means to register this input; 4) promise to review and consider input; 5) divide a project into stages and delegate responsibility for the completion of certain steps; 6) recognize people for their effort along the way and spread credit for success; 7) whenever possible, seek to create a fun work environment; 8) maintain a two-way communication process. Want more tips like this one? Try FrontLine Supervisor Newsletter