Friday, May 4, 2012

Stating Opinions Diplomatically

Whenever you volunteer your opinions or concerns, are you speaking respectfully and tactfully to your coworkers or teammates? Do so and others are more likely to appreciate your tone and heed your views. If you sound preachy or tell people what they should do, your ideas, even if they are stellar, will face a harder sell. 

To state your opinions diplomatically and improve receptivity to your ideas, establish a give-and-take conversational style when you speak with your team. Rather than spout your ideas, ask questions so that others do most of the talking.Listen attentively and show interest in how others arrived at their conclusions. Try it. 

These are powerful engagement skills, and your peers are likely to ask what you think or believe. And along with this approach comes more attentiveness to what you say. Add a quick overview of your evidence to support your opinions when offering your input. Example: “Based on three instances in which we lost a potential customer, I’m concerned that our sales pitch isn't working very well.” The study of how to be effective and productive in business group discussions is called “group discussion dynamics.” It is a highly researched and studied topic. Lessons learned are available to help you improve your productivity and achieve more for your employer. Learn more about it to advance your career.