Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Forget About Employee Burnout, At Least In One Respect..

There are job performance issues associated with burnout, but using them to determine if your employee faces burnout is not a good idea. This is because these behavioral signs and symptoms are mostly secondary to the mental health issues of burnout underlying them. Also, other problems may contribute to what appear to be burnout symptoms. Avoid this diagnostic examination and pondering because you will make more efficient referrals to the EAP. For example, one symptom of burnout may be dread at getting up in the morning to go to work. You can’t document “dread,” but you can document tardiness. Another symptom of burnout may be resentment toward other employees who love their jobs and are bright-eyed about their careers. You can’t document resentment, but you can document conflict. It is hard to document “lack of motivation,” but it is easy to document incomplete assignments, lack of initiative, or work delays. I am afraid when you search the most effective supervisor training programs, that you will not find this level of insight because the folks who write most of these courses are too far removed from the trenches, the inter-psychic issues of employees, and the hard knocks it takes to deal with the relational issues. However, you will find this material here. Supervisor Training for Management