Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Supervisors with No Authority to Conduct Evaluation

Have you experienced this problem: You supervise your employee’s work, but do not conduct her performance evaluations? This dynamic invites enormous and frequently conflicts that will prompt your employee to run to the next level supervisor for every one --the supervisor who conducts performance evaluations. Although most employees naturally accept delegated authority in supervision relationships, if you do not conduct your employee’s performance evaluation or have no role in its final outcome, your employee will not feel accountable to you. This dynamic contributes to conflicts. A troubled employee may take advantage of this situation, making it difficult to correct performance. Conflicts can increase if the manager at the next level (who does conduct performance evaluations) acts as an accessible arbitrator. This can cause the troubled employee to feel a safe harbor exists, reduce motivation for correcting performance, and reinforce the perception of non-accountability to the immediate supervisor. The interventions for this problem include reinforcing proper communication channels by requiring the employee to go through the supervisor first, making the immediate supervisor's contributions to the performance evaluation weigh heavily. Never ask your "assistant supervisor" to supervise an employee, but refuse to give this person evaluation authority in some small respect. A little is all it takes to completely change this destructive dynamic.