Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Employee Complaints about Supervisors

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Certainly you've wondered from time to time what the biggest complaints are about supervisors. There is an answer to this question that I will share. However, what you really should be asking is whether you have the guts to resolve personal issues you possess that contribute to one or more of these complaints if you perpetrate any of them.

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The following are the most common complaints employees have about their supervisors. A personal inventory of whether any of these issues come between you and those you supervise may help you determine whether your relationships with subordinates are functional.

1. My boss plays favorites with subordinates.

2. My boss doesn't listen to my problems.

3. I don't know what my boss thinks of my performance.

4. My boss doesn't possess the interpersonal skills needed to handle
people properly.

5. My boss lacks trust and confidence in me.

Nuff said!