Thursday, January 20, 2011

Work-Life Balance -- Boulogne & Attendance Problems

Is your employee late to work a lot? What about every day? So you don't want to fire the guy because he is a hard worker? Hmm. What to do, especially since he has told you his problem that he is having a hard time with work-family balance. So, what should you do? Believe him and refer him to the work-life coordinator over there in Building C, Room 0U812?

Absolutely not! That would be tantamount to accepting your employee diagnosis and signing off on the treatment plan. Here's the point. Encouraging use of the work-life program may be helpful, but it should not be an alternative or a substitute for a supervisor referral to the EAP which will be able to discover if the Work-Life program is appropriate. The expertise of the clinical professional associated with the EAP supercedes and takes priority over the skills of the work-life counselors. You are dealing with the attendance problem. Only a supervisor referral to the EAP is appropriate as an intervention for the attendance issue. From there, the EAP may suggest that the employee participate in the organization’s work-life program. It is possible that something beyond work-life balance issues contributes to your employee’s tardiness. Your employee may or may not be aware of these problems, their impact, or their cause. And it is likely that other problems would not be shared with you. It is therefore not good practice to accept on face value an employee’s personal explanation for performance problems by suggesting a source of help. Instead, let the EAP take this responsibility after completing an assessment. This will help ensure that the employee is referred to the best avenues of help.