Thursday, June 19, 2008

When You Need to Be "De-Slobbed"

Q. I am not an organized person. I forget things, lose things, and keep a sloppy desk. I am good at what I do, however, and I have climbed the organization ladder rapidly. Now I need to hire an assistant. How do I hire someone who I won’t drive crazy with my behavior?

A. It sounds like you are a creative spirit, but could use some skills and coaching in the how to organize yourself and delegate properly. After hiring your assistant, you at risk for leaping between the extremes of refusing to delegate tasks to delegating wildly, sloppily, and hastily. The employee you hire will be the most important person in your business life. Assuming you don’t make dramatic changes, he or she will have to be very good at running behind, scooping up the pieces, and making sure initiatives get implemented. This key person has to cheerfully accept all this responsibility and, often, may have to practically read your mind. This is okay if the employee you hire loves this role. Some do. Other’s love it, but become controlling and manipulative because the supervisor cedes too much authority without accountability. Making some key changes now will set the stage for a gratifying relationship with your new hire.